“I am so happy to know that I have a fine printing source and can't wait to send you more work.

"It's nice to finally see the technology work in my favor! It gives me confidence to know that prints can match monitors when the printing people keep their systems in order, too!  You guys are great."Thank you for all the help." 

Cheryl Montgomery
Owner, Photographer
Port Hadlock , WA

“When I come to work each day, I have no idea what I might be photographing, it could be a boardroom shot, a building exterior, or a surgeon in the OR. The least of my worries should be printing and distributing all the prints. That is one of the many reasons I use Mid-South Color Labs and am now excited to be using their CorporatePicts service.

“With Mid-South Color Labs I have never had to worry about the finished prints, everything is printed even better than I could imagine. And since my time is better spent shooting the images, Mid-South Color Labs has afforded me even more time to spend on that during the day. I really couldn’t be as productive if it weren’t for Mid-South.”

Greg Campbell
Senior Communications Photographer
Baptist Memorial Heath Care Corporation
Memphis, TN


“We’ve been a long time customer of Mid-South Color Labs, Inc. because of the quality of their work and their commitment to invest in the latest in technology.  Managing hectic shooting schedules along with our other work, while meeting our clients’ expectations that the prints be turned around quickly proved to be a challenge.  Our solution was CorporatePicts.  The WorkStream software just makes it too easy.

“Equally important to us is the reputation and experience behind CorporatePicts.  Mid-South is always responsive to our requests and they find a way to make it happen.  Brooks Clayton and his staff have been a tremendous resource to us time and time again.”

Randy O’Daniel
Media Services Coordinator
West Tennessee Healthcare
Jackson, TN