1. Are you a new business?

  1. No.  CorporatePicts is a new division of Mid-South Color Labs, Inc., which has been in business for over 50 years serving professional photographers and corporations.  The division was formed to serve the unique needs of the corporate market.
  1. How do you color manage my images?

  1. Using profiled monitors, we adjust all images for color balance, density, saturation, contrast and sharpness.
  1. What printing process do you use?

  1.  Photographic prints are made on professional photographic paper.  We use Kodak Endura Premier E (luster) surface paper.  It is the same paper used on professional portraits and commercial prints.  Our digital printers provide a resolution of 300 dpi and are continuous toneā€”no dot pattern.  All prints are individually trimmed to exact size.
  1. Is the ordering software easy to use?

  1. Yes!  The WorkStream DS software is Windows based, uses standard Windows commands and is very intuitive to use.  It loads on your own PC or Mac running a Windows partition and operates very quickly.  Simply open a new order, select a folder or individual images, add sizes and quantities and crop each size just as you want it.  No need to crop in Photoshop or other imaging software.  Complete the order by adding any necessary product or order notes.  When finished, save order to the built-in database and click the Upload button.  A zip file is created to create a more secure order and save transmission time.  You receive an E-mail confirmation for each order transmitted.  View or print order summary.
  1. What is normal turn around time?

  1. Most orders received by noon on weekdays will be shipped the same day.  Exceptions would be orders that need additional finishing such as mounting or orders containing several hundred images.  Orders with a large number of images require more time to color manage for optimal quality.
  1. What shipping services do you use?

  1. Orders are shipped via FedEx Ground, FedEx ExpressSaver or FedEx Overnight.  Shipping charges are based upon our FedEx discounted schedule or may be shipped on your FedEx number.
  1. What are my payment options?

  1. You may use a credit card or make application for a 30-day open account.